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ASD-CERT is an association, founded in 1990, by and affiliated with ASD (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) with the purpose of certifying the quality of standard aerospace products in accordance with the requirements of EN 9133 – ”Quality Management Systems – Qualification Procedure for Aerospace Standard Parts”.

To achieve this purpose ASD-CERT qualifies standard aerospace products relying on the quality system of their manufacturers and their EN9100 accreditations. This establishes conformity with the applicable standards, particularly but not limited to EN standards, and assures that the requirements underlying the qualification are observed.

The Association is a ”Third party” non-profit organization and has no commercial interest. Its current members are: Rolls-Royce plc, SAAB, Safran, Airbus, Leonardo Company, Thales, ArianeGroup, Dassault Aviations, MTU Aero Engines and the Turkish Aviation Industry (TAI).

Formerly, ASD-CERT published a list of ”approved” manufacturers, known as TR 3040-1, but this was withdrawn on 31st January 2008.
ASD-CERT no longer issues QA Quality Approval letters nor renews existing ones.

An updated EN 9100 certified manufacturers list can be found in the IAQG OASIS data base.

ASD-CERT also previously maintained a list (TR 3040-2) of qualified aerospace products with manufacturers. This, too, was withdrawn on 31st January 2008.

ASD-CERT continues to perform EN 9133 production qualification audits and to issue appropriate certificates as well as to audit and renew existing production qualification certificates.

The only official list of qualified products is one you can find in this website within the section dedicated to Qualified Products.

How to get your qualification?

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